You can find us at The Farm starting tomorrow!

Enthuse Theater will be beginning it’s project, The Orchard (maybe An Orchard of Cherries) tomorrow.

An Orchard of Cherries uses, as its principle source-material, Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard. This original piece has been generated on a Maine family farm hovering between the warmth of ownership and cold abandonment. It is about the unfulfilled, the distracted and the uncompleted action. It grounds itself in the spaces of its creation and the bodies of its creators. Thematically, Chekhov’s masterpiece speaks directly to our generation; the first generation of Americans who will not “do better” than the one before marking a significant change in how we view ourselves in our country and in the world. We mine the depth of Chekhov’s writing and pair it with the reality of America today: of its land, its people, its economics, the anguish of foreclosure, of poverty and of the complex psychological reality these create.

An Orchard of Cherries manifests itself in a total-art-work combining voice, puppetry, music, movement, text, and imagery. We celebrate the playwright and The Moscow Art Theater School by employing etudes to delve deeply into Chekhov’s classic illuminating contemporary facets. It is the first collaborative project by members of Enthuse Theater, a company that creates live performances of scale and magnitude with singular focus on the primary tools of the theatrical medium: the execution of actions in time and space. Our initiative is to diligently seek evasive truths, starkly illuminate contradictions and free the fetters on the imagination. We offer this work as an assertion of our place in society and as a declaration of the necessity of live performance – of the gathering of people in a room to experience communally that which affects each person individually.


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