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Is a theater director in New York City a frequent theater and arts observer and a thinker ruminating on life, the universe and everything. But mostly about performance.

The game of (not) life

The game of (not) life.

For all.

“After running simulations for many millions of generations, Conway’s Game of Life evolved the ability to create miniature games of life. And that is precisely what institutional art does – it cowers behind the protocols of the marketplace and institution, and like a virus mindlessly replicates itself and its practitioners. Too much more of this and the art world will calcify into another beaux-arts academy, or worse yet, for those of us who still believe in the radical potential of the image, art may become fixed, becoming something akin to Kabuki theatre and not budge from its forms and function for centuries.”


A Quote


“I’ve learned from experience that painting isn’t finished when you put down your brush — that’s when it starts.  The public reaction is what supplies meaning and value.  Art comes alive in the arguments you have about it.”  ~ Banksy